What is an escape room?

escape room is a themed, immersive experience where you and your team solve puzzles, find clues, and complete tasks to accomplish a goal within a set time limit.

Are your escape rooms scary?

Our rooms have varying themes. Please see our scare and age rating for each room.

Do I need to book in advance?

Yes! Escape rooms fill up quickly, so we strongly recommend booking online in advance to secure your spot.

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New York Underworld takes place in 1930 on the streets of Little Italy. You have been tasked as an undercover federal agent to investigate the old barbershop, as something fishy is going on inside!!

LOCATION: Bournemouth

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You've been abducted by Dr. D Ranged and have woken up in his laboratory of horrors. Here he takes innocent bystanders and turns them into mutilated experiments....

LOCATION: Bournemouth

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Reporting on the story of the world-famous graffiti artist who is hiding in the city. Your news firm will pay top dollar for information leading to his identity, so when tipped about the whereabouts of his hideout your aim is simple... or is it?

LOCATION: Bournemouth

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You and your chosen team will be entering the mansion of Dr Ghoul. When you discover his secret underground vault filled with many forms of evil. Ghoul calls this place, The Crypt, a prison for haunted artifacts from around the globe.

LOCATION: Fordingbridge

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